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Computer GameGlobe is Closing its Doors!


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Our company, Computer GameGlobe™ (seller GameCluster) has been selling software and games and related products since 2004. We have a proven track record of sales from domestic and international customers in 115 countries. We process orders promptly and provide outstanding customer service. While tech support for individual products is best provided by the respective product manufacturers, we strive and will do our best to resolve any issue you might face using the products.

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A big Thank You for all our customers in more than 110 countries who have joined us on this ride since 2004.

Computer GameGlobe has started closing down its doors due to the unmatchable competition from the big boys who secure exclusive pricing deals in the Software/Computer Games/Accessories Retail business.

We are not shutting down suddenly, we are just winding down the business by not replenishing our inventories.  Everything has to go and when it all goes we will lock our doors (sometime around 2018-2019).

So until then, please feel free to keep shopping at our venues online: